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maison petricorena

All our products are cooked in our kitchens according to recipes passed on and created by the family since 4 generations.


So, for the pork, we select the best farmers of the southwest so that the porks are born and raised in the Basque country, in the valley of Baigorri. It is like that that we concoct good pâtés, sausages and Jesus, pure pork 100 %, and hams of Bayonne under the label Protected Geographical Identification.

Also, for the beef and the veal whom we cook in Axoa, it is about noble races, only raised for their meat and resulting from breedings of the region of Aquitaine.

Finally, for the ducks that we cook in confits, in foie gras, pâté and rillette, we’ve been selecting them for several years in the same breedings of Chalosse which guarantee us the force-feeding with corn and cereal without GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in the respect of the standards of breeding.


Laurent Petricorena - Route de Saint Jean Pied de Port - 64430 Saint Etienne de Baigorry, France

Tel. + (33) 5 59 37 41 36 – Fax. + (33)5 59 37 47 49

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